Original Hacker Craft Runabout speedboat 1929 (fully restored)

MCP has a full acquisition program set up for the benefit of selling a unique American speed boat from 1929.
This is an original American Hacker Craft speed boat, built in the ‘John L Hacker’ factories in Detroit Michigan USA.
Below some pictures of this original and extremely exclusive speedboat of which only a few can be found on the world.


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Photos and video by MCP (2017)



MTB-Motorsport Racing Team (2016)

MCP supports the ‘MTB-Motorsport Racing-Team,’ and the first races are on March 27 // Event ‘Paasraces’ on ‘CPZ’
For more information check this link:
So for those who are interested in Renault race cars,. We’ll hope to see you at the Racetrack!



We are very excited to have finally launched the new MTB-Motorsport (the Netherlands) website.

MCP is sponsor for the MTB-motorsport team, providing all photo and video-footage.

Take a look at the new website: 






MCP Drone Works #2014

Good Morning
Video – MCP
Music – Bert Selen
All rights reserved
2014 by MCP




IT Building domotica product video

IT Building zorgt voor structureel efficiënter en effectiever aansturen van totaal geïntegreerde en gebruiksvriendelijke domotica systemen.


IT Building domotica product-video
Beelden, edit en sound-design: MCP
All rights reserved (2013)