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Original Hacker Craft Runabout 1929

MCP has a full acquisition program set up for the benefit of selling a unique American speed boat from 1929.
This is an original American Hacker Craft speed boat, built in the ‘John L Hacker’ factories in Detroit Michigan USA.
Below some pictures of this original and extremely exclusive speedboat of which only a few can be found on the world.

Check this YouTube channel for videos about this Original Hacker Craft Runabout speedboat 1929


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MCP is a international operating organisation.

MCP Studio: 0031 6 41 280042

Photos and video by MCP (2018)


MTB-Motorsport Racing Team (2016)

We are very excited to have finally launched the new MTB-Motorsport Motorsport Racing-Team website.

MCP is sponsor for the MTB-motorsport team, providing all photo and video-footage.

Take a look at the new website: 







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