Danny Collins Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Al Pacino, Jennifer Garner Movie HD (2015)

MCP wrote together with Bert Selen (LA. USA) some parts of the music in the movie trailer for Danny Collins with Al Pacino and Jennifer Garner


# Moonshine Music (pitch) Video (2014)

Singer, presenter and tv personality Sita Vermeulen, begins in 2014 together with Martijn Terporten
and Edwin de Groot (Marco Borsato-band) the band Moonshine.

MCP filmed the first ‘ tryout ‘ on 10 september in ‘ De Heeren van Aemstel ‘ Amsterdam.
Assembly/ edit and sound-design: MCP

Photography in this video by Marco Bakker (Edam)


# MCP Stage-management / Guitar-technician

In april 2014 did MCP in cooperation with: and
a short mini-tour in Paris (FR) for the band: (Venice, Los Angeles, California)

During this short tour Venice gave a live radioconcert for George long (RTL Radio) France, and played in the Paris club Divan du Monde . In addition, they played in several other clubs in the heart of Paris.

MCP guided this tour as stage manager and guitar technician

Extremely rare ‘ Martin HD28 ‘ of  Venice-guitarist Pat Lennon, ever received by David Crosby



# MCP Music productions

Music is essential under film or video productions

MCP provides optionally own composed and well-coordinated royalty-free (i.o.) music pieces that set you apart in the market.

Inform your network by means of a corporate video, inform, advertise and generate!

MCP is a international operating organisation based in Amsterdam and Eindhoven.


MCP Studio: 0031 6 41 280042

Amsterdam / The Netherlands




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